Sourcing high quality candidates

Candidates are initially sourced from our extensive database of over 4,000 doctors. The bank of doctors are at different stages of eligibility to work in the UK; some may be sitting higher exams, some awaiting IELTS – a large part of our role is to keep up-to-date with these doctors, ensuring when they are available, we are ready to react. Some doctors take 2 – 3 years to come through the process. 

We would work with your organisation to understand pressure areas where standard recruitment is failing in order to develop a recruitment plan and, if required, arrange an overseas recruitment drive on your behalf. 

Effectively screening candidates to meet your specifications

By adopting rigorous vetting and screening processes, we ensure that only high quality candidates who meet your requirements are forwarded to your organisation. The doctors proposed will have the required qualifications and experience within their specialty – we are also aware that some countries offer better training in certain specialties. 

All candidates are pre-screened via telephone interview, to get an in depth understanding of the candidate's experience and to ensure we are meeting the needs of both the client and the doctor. Depending on the location of the doctor, we will then set up and facilitate all interviews either face-to-face or by Skype (test calls are set up for Skype interviews to prevent any delays). 

Why work with Holt Doctors permanent division?

  • Cost savings against VAT on locum doctor pay 
  • Cost savings against hourly pay rate – estimated £70,000 per year versus employing a locum doctor 
  • Reduce exposure to increased costs from Agency Worker Regulations 
  • Improve continuity of care for patients with use of substantive doctors 
  • Visa checking service included to ensure applications are processed first time, reducing the likelihood of any delays 
  • Highly trained permanent recruitment team with a wealth of experience in the management of overseas applications for substantive placements. Successful overseas recruitment campaigns 
  • Candidates are sourced from all over the world. Signed up to the ethical recruitment list and offering a free visa checking service, Holt Doctors also works with an approved immigration advisory company to speed up and simplify the process for both hospitals and doctors 

Case study: Click here for more about how Holt Doctors helped Dartford and Gravesham NHS Foundation Trust recruit 10 A&E doctors with an overseas recruitment drive.

Hit your recruitment targets - contact us on 0845 508 1491 or email for details on how we can help you fill your permanent vacancies in shortage specialties. 

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